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It means the Promotion of Access to Information Act. You can read the act online by clicking here.

For your benefit, a PAIA Manual is known by a number of names in South Africa:
  • PAIA Manual
  • Section 51 Manual
  • Information Manual
  • Business Manual
  • Information Guide

Our Innovation serves the South African market, helping every company out there to comply with the Promotion of Access to Information Act. The innovative controls and features found in a Membership Account is currently found nowhere else. And we aim to stay ahead, adding and improving innovative ideas to help you create and maintain your information manuals.
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Great News!Based on your feedback, we have launched version 2 of PaiaBuilder! It includes an improved user interface to manage multiple manuals from a single account, billing in ZAR, and now offers a subscription option to save money if you plan to host many manuals. Sign up at
Your solution to everything “PAIA”. Simply follow these simple steps, and you're done.

1Click the "Register Now!" link in the main menu above, or log in if you are already registered using the Member Login at the top of the page (Registration takes approx. 1 minute).

2Make payment in order to activate the PaiaBuilder Control Panel (takes approx. 2 minutes). This entitles you to lifetime access to all Control Panel Features: Create, Lodge, Email, Ship and Download your PAIA manuals.

3Complete the questionnaire under My Account > My Manual and Hit the "Save Manual" button to take delivery of your PAIA manual (takes approx. 5 minutes).

Then you are free to update your PAIA manual any time, 24/7 and send it anywhere you wish. Plus, you have a 24 hour money-back guarantee! So use the service during the next 24 hours, and if you don't like it, simply request a refund!

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Freedom Of Information is fast becoming a standard world-wide, with over 50 countries having already written it into law in one form or another, and over 140 more countries are committed to implementing it into their legislation within the next few years.

The term PAIA is used by the South African government, meaning Promotion of Access to Information Act - and that is the reason for the term PaiaBuilder. The technology you find here will build your Information Manual (Freedom of Information Guide) in a matter of minutes. Our system will ask you the relevant questions, allows you to purchase and manage as many manuals as you need from a single account, and once the information has been collected, your PAIA manual is compiled as a PDF and can be shipped to any destination - digitally or as Printed Copy.

Our aim is to take the learning curve out of preparing an information guide and to help you comply 100% with the requirements of your national government. Our fee is R199 (per manual), once-off, for lifetime hosting and access. Come back any time to update your PAIA manual, ship or email it, download it, etc. Please look around, I'm sure you will find this service to be a great time-and-cost saver.

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Flexible Delivery allows you to send your manual by courier to any physical or postal address, straight from your PaiaBuilder Control Panel. This is included in the price. You can also download, email and fax your manual to an unlimited number of recipients.

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Value for Money. not only takes care of the administrative aspects of lodging your manual now, but also enables you to come back at any time and update that manual.

Courier Services.

You can use the Control Panel to request delivery of your manual to any physical or postal address, any fax number and any email address - 24/7! uses an overnight courier to get your manuals delivered. Email and fax deliveries are free!

Perpetual Compliance.

Part of the deal at is that we stay up to date with current legislation. Should the Minister or authorised body make a ruling that impacts the content or format of the manual, updates your manual and notifies you.

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